Our Story


Our Mission

To bring you a coffee that transports you to the mountainside in Haiti with its flavor, a single-origin bean that is the special taste of this wonderful place.  By supporting coffee farmers and local agriculture we hope also to influence the development of economic infrastructure for the local residents & farmers in Haiti.



About Us


We are a small family business based in Brooklyn, NY. Our connection to coffee comes from our family history of coffee & sugar cane farming in Saint Marc, Haiti.

Located in the lush valley of the Artibonite river, Saint Marc is a fertile agricultural region where coffee thrives along with mangoes, corn, rice and many other crops.

Now we are proud to introduce this coffee to you and share the unique flavor of this special place.

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History of Haiti's Coffee Production


With its uniquely mountainous terrain, Haiti produces some of the finest coffee in the world.

A combination of indigenous and heirloom Arabica Typica coffee trees, some over 200 years old, yield a coffee that is chocolatey, fruity, and balanced.

Haiti was once the world’s largest producer of coffee and as recently as 1949 was the third-largest exporter of coffee.

Cantave de Saint Marc is proud to bring exceptional, organically grown Haitian coffee to the market today and share its unique flavor with the world.

Map of Haiti / Arbonite region

our Values

We buy coffee that is fair-trade or better rates for the farmers, and we work closely with the farmers themselves when possible.  Coffee production helps to reforest a region that has lost much of its tree cover – planting coffee trees and supporting crops helps bring rain and stop erosion as well as providing green cover.   

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