Origin: Savane Zombi, Sud-Est Dept, Haiti
Elevation: 4265 feet
Varietal: Arabica (Typica, Bourbon & Caturra)
Process: washed & sun dried
Notes: citrus, spice, toasted almond

12 oz. bag – Full City Roast

Special Limited Edition Roast:  This high-altitude coffee from Haiti’s Sud-Est region is rich and fragrant with medium body and flavor notes of citrus, spice, & toasted almond.  Available for a limited time!

Packaged in Biotre bags made from 60% biodegradable renewable wood pulp and 40% special polyethylene.  We trade with farmers in Haiti at a better-than-Fair-Trade rate for an ethical product.  Farmers plant one new tree for each pound of coffee we import to aid the reforestation effort in Haiti.  All coffee is shade-grown and co-planted with a variety of food crops.

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