Organic Haitian Coffee – Cold Brew Bags – Spice


Origin: Artibonite Dept., Haiti
Elevation: 3700 feet
Varietal: Arabica Typica
Process: Fully Washed
Notes: Dark Chocolate, Blackcurrant & Hazelnut

Enjoy Cantave de Saint Marc’s signature cold-brewed coffee at home with our cold brew bags, a blend of our organic, single-origin Haitian coffee & traditional Haitian spices star anise & cinnamon. Simply add one bag to 2 cups of water, cover & refrigerate overnight (12-16 hours). The next day, remove the bag, dilute with water or milk to taste, & enjoy the coffee!

Each package contains 4 cold brew bags, each cold brew bag makes 2 cups of concentrated coffee.

Packaged in Biotre bags made from 60% biodegradable renewable wood pulp and 40% special polyethylene.