Haiti Reforestation

Reforestation Efforts in Haiti

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Haiti is a country that is dealing with the disastrous effects of deforestation, as one of the most deforested countries in the world. In 1920 Haiti was covered with trees like its neighbor, Dominican Republic. However largely destructed by the effects of producing charcoal and burning wood for cooking, Haiti has seen over 90% of its trees removed.

Loss of forestry has resulted in natural disasters affecting Haitians. A single day of heavy rain can cause floods and landslides that put lives at risk. This in turn leads to degraded soil which decreases farming and forces families to flee to bigger cities like Port-au-Prince to feed their families and survive. Simply put, deforestation is putting lives at risk and creating high rates of poverty as a result.


Reforestation is the act of planting new trees in once thriving forests to improve the quality of human life. Planting trees will help eliminate the dust and pollution in the air, rebuild ecosystems, replenish the depleted soil and allow rural farmers to grow crops and make enough money to feed their families.

At Cantave de Saint Marc, we are committed to helping reforestation projects in Haiti. For every 1 pound bag purchased, the farmers we work with plant one tree in Haiti.

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